Centers of change

Immerse yourself in a contemporary blend of elegance and functionality at the conference centers of Villas Xichu. Designed to inspire collaboration and change, our conference spaces offer modern amenities and versatile layouts to accommodate a variety of events and gatherings.

Victoria's Center

Centro Victoria stands as a distinguished feature within the serene landscape of Villas Xichu, offering a unique blend of contemporary charm and functional versatility.
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With each story of Centro Victoria available for individual rental, guests have the freedom to customize their experience according to their requirements. Whether seeking a private retreat or a spacious venue for a special event, Centro Victoria offers versatility to accommodate a variety of needs.

Step into the vibrant heart of Villas Xichu

Discover "La Placita," a charming open-air plaza that embodies the essence of Mexican culture and community.

Named after the lively market squares found throughout Mexico, La Placita offers a delightful fusion of tradition, artistry, and hospitality, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a world of color, flavor, and festivity

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